We are thankful to the following Contributors, Contractors and Resources that have contributed their time, money, knowledge and products to the restoration and repurposing of The Fir.  This work would have been impossible without their help.



The following companies generously contributed their products, expertise and money to this restoration project.  Such a large undertaking could not be accomplished without their help.

Click on the name of the company to learn more about the company and find a review of the equipment selected by the Fir. Check back often.  We started from the top of the mast and are working our way down.  We are in the process of installing mast equipment and selecting most of the new equipment. 

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McDermott Signal and Light  (Navigation lights)

Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 6.22.23 PM.png

Shakespeare  (Antennas)


Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 6.19.36 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 6.29.28 PM.png

Place Holder 

Place Holder (Main Engines)

Place Holder (Inverters/Batteries)

Place Holder (Water Heaters)

Place Holder (Pumps)

Place Holder (Paint Systems)

Place Holder (Chartplotters)

Place Holder (Radars)

Place Holder (Sonar)

Place Holder (Instrumentation)

Place Holder (VHF Radios)

Place Holder (AIS Radios)

P{lace Holder (Weather)

Place Holder (Navigation Software)

Place Holder (Air Conditioning)

Place Holder (Exterior Furnishings)

Place Holder (Interior Furnishings)

Place Holder (Interior Design)

Place Holder (Bathroom Fixtures)

Place Holder (Refrigeration)

Place Holder (Cooking Equipment)

Place Holder (Galley Hood)

Place Holder (Fire Suppression)

Place Holder (Life Boats)



Joe drilling new porthole screw holes..jpg

J&J Welding

Our initial luck with contractors in Stockton was dismal. The "boat people" had no idea what to make of a boat like the Fir.  From a mechanical perspective, Fir is more of a floating industrial plant than a boat. We have a saying: everything on Fir is heavy. The equipment is far larger and far more robust than what one finds on a small boat .   

Just when we were ready to give up on Stockton, Joe appeared.  His first job was to remove the stove from the galley. It proved to the most difficult job to date. He beat and cut that stove for 10 hours until it was out. Every time we have a tough job, we end by saying, "but it is not as tough as that stove."

Joe has become indispensible.  He is always on time. He works from the minute he arrives to the minute he leaves. All he requires is a case of Pepsi and a pack of Marlboros. When Joe shows up, it is game on. And, there is no job beneath him. Joe does whatever is required to finish the job.  It is a rare attitude.

Chris tapes the hull for striping.jpg

Chris Willson

Chris owns our neighboring boat, the Aurora. We had a rocky start to the relationship due to issues with one of our initial contractors.

But, Chris has become a friend and great contributor to the project.  Chris has been working/dealing with the Aurora for years.  As a result, he has great experience dialing down a large boat. Over the years, Chris has collected a huge inventory of parts and devices that always comes in handy.  He has a very pragmatic approach.  Chris works on a wide scope of projects and he is willing to pitch-in as required. He is very talented with electrical issues and he has helped greatly with our social media.

Chris and Joe form a good team able to address most of our needs.




The internet is a great resource for tracking down odd parts and getting recommendations for the best current equipment and methods.  Of course, there is a lot of BS on the internet.  Below are our "go to" sites for accurate data.


Compass Marine

Marine Electronics

Adventures of Tanglewood

The Hull Truth

Trawler Forum

Passage Maker

Bay and Delta Yachtsman

Lighthouse Digest Magazine