The refrigeration alcove, Spring 2017.

The refrigeration alcove, Spring 2017.



The existing refrigeration system is located in an alcove in the galley.  The space accommodates units on each side that are roughly 80" x 78" x 29", with refrigeration to the left, and freezer space on the right.  Each existing unit has a single compressor; i.e.,the refrigerator is a single unit with three doors, and the freezer is a single unit with three doors.

Our first goal is to build a scalable refrigeration system.  Instead of having a single refrigerator, we want three independent units each of which can be turned off and on with external controls.  Instead of having three doors of refrigeration, we want six, two per unit.  We would like to add glass upper doors so people can see what is inside without constantly opening, and solid doors on the bottom. The result would be three individual refrigerators on one side of the alcove, and three individual freezers on the other. This configuration will occupy the same space as the current units. 

The original refrigeration supplier was Norlake which continues to be a provider of well respected equipment.  We will start by approaching Norlake to see what can be done with our existing systems.  We also want to talk to True Refrigeration of O'Fallon, Missouri.  True makes refrigeration for commercial uses. They offer the types of systems that we want.  They have a "Specification Series" of products that will allow us to get all stainless steel components which are best for our application.


Unit from True's  Specification Series

Unit from True's Specification Series