power requirements



Determining our electrical plan begins with getting some fix on our energy requirements.  The boat is fitted with two 100Kw generators that can be paralleled to produce 200Kw.  Of course, this covers sailors making simultaneous use of very large electric motors and several inductive heating systems.

The first obvious fact is that our draw under repurposing is going to be much lower than past usage. So, we begin by understanding our different modes of usage.  Our highest usage comes when anchoring, docking, and launching one of the larger tenders.  Each of these motors requires about 30Kw.  Normal use of the crane can require two motors at one time.  Docking may require both the front and aft winches.  It is pretty clear that we will need one of our existing 100Kw generators to handle these types of operations.

The opposite case is resting at anchor or at the dock without air conditioning. The load here is the 24/7 bidge equipment, lights, entertainment equipment, kitchen refrigeration, and occasional use of the domestic water system and sanitary system.  

The next level up is cruising which includes all of the above plus air compressors (for the engine control system), lubrication pumps for the main engines, all the remaining bridge equipment, and the flood lights.  

To all of these operating scenarios, we have to add provisions for the emergency equipment. This includes two (2) fire pumps which also power the bilge eductors and portable electric bilge pumps.