Detroit diesels

We have two generators powered by Detroit Diesel 671..  Detroit Diesel was a division of General Motors.  The 671 is an inline 6 cylinder, 2 stroke motor. Our units are turbocharged.  The generators produce 100KW each.  This is one of the most popular of the Detroit Diesel engines and they are everywhere.  They are reliable.  Spare parts are relatively inexpensive and parts are available in most of the world.  The downside is that these motors are loud -- deafening.  And, 100KW is nice to have when operating the big winches and cranes. But, we do not need all this power most of the time. The Detroits eat about 4 gallons of diesel per hour which is far too much for most of our operations.   

Both run well.  Our plan is to replace wear parts on one unit and keep the other around for spare parts.  We chose generator #1 because it had a newer head.  In October 2017, we replaced:

6 Injectors

1 Fuel Pump

1 Seawater Pump

1 Fresh Water Pump

1 Oil Filters

2 Racor Fuel Filters

All hoses

All gauges

Generator #1 before restoration

Generator #1 before restoration

Generator #1 after restoration.

Generator #1 after restoration.