The color of the boat contributes mightily to the amount of heat absorbed by the boat.  The original paint scheme for Fir was a dark grey hull, white superstructure, and beige fixtures. How much of the hull was painted grey changed over time. Early in her career, the grey paint reached all the way  to the bottom of the 02 deck.  When she was decommissioned, the grey only reached to the top of the gunwall of the buoy deck. Absorbing heat from sunlight was probably welcomed in Fir's Pacific Northwest operating area. 

Our operating environment is much wider ranging.  We do not want darker colors. We will keep the same general color palette in terms of dark vs. light coloring. But, we will lighten all of the colors.  We will replace the grey with a gloss flag blue.  Moreover, we will move the darker paint below the bumper.

LED Lighting